John Bear

In memory of John Victor Wilson
(John Bear)
7 Dec 1959 to 8 June 2007
talented linguistic scholar
much loved
in peace

John Bear about 1990


John Bear’s translations were to be found on the site “” when that domain was owned by him. That site has since passed into new hands and has no affiliation with this site. The works published here are with the permission of John Bear’s widow.

There is one complete translation:
Account of a Voyage around the World

… and three partial translations:
Australia and the Goldfields (about 47% complete)
The Land of Gold (about 54% complete)
A Welsh Robinson Crusoe (about 78% complete)

John had a great interest in Shelta a language spoken by Irish Travellers. John’s “Shelta Vocabulary” was based on R. A. Stewart Macalister’s 1937 book The Secret Languages of Ireland (see also:

John remembered his father Jack Wilson.

Read the Old Welsh Books

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