a live being

ancient roots within
united and unique
manyfold networks
meld and flow
with or against the stream

  • living


    as human beings we can reflect and meditate upon our existence in this world; there are many ways to “see” and investigate the nature of things, and many ways to express what it is to be alive, including through making and showing art. To stay alive we need to eat;

  • believing


    all knowledge must be qualified by doubt and some things are unknown or unknowable, we cannot know the world with certainty. Some 30 lifetimes ago an awakened human told people about what he believed about life and the mind in the Dhamma. The Dhamma can be brought up to date by incorporating scientific ideas to create an agnostic “neo Dhamma”. I believe in the continuity of life on Earth, and that we are much older than many people commonly believe; and

  • remembering


    culture, knowledge and life are fragile it is useful to remember past lives and reflect on what they have given us

    AJ Birch
    John Bear