… food

from solar plasma inferno
released again on earth
gentle heat browning
bonds melding, un-melding
fuel for life’s own slow fire
burning into earth

Ovo-lactic vegetarian recipes with metric measures


Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 2 hrs, 30 min
Total Time: 3 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Servings: 4x400g jars
Source: A Being


500ml citrus juice from:
6-8 Seville oranges
2 Lemons
(Optional: add citrus juice mix using, e.g: Oranges, Mandarins, Limes etc.)
1 cup Citrus seeds and pulp from above fruit
500ml filtered water
800g Caster sugar
extra water as required


1) Juicing
Wash skins of fruit well. Cut citrus fruit in halves. Juice citrus - make 500mls. Filter juice through muslin/cheese cloth in into large saucepan. Keep seeds and membranes.

2) Pectin keeping
Remove muslin with pulp. Scrape membranes and any remaining seeds off juiced rinds to make about 1 cup. Place them into the muslin and make it into a bag by tying with string (citrus seeds and membranes contain pectin for setting). Place bag in saucepan.

3) Rind cutting
Cut ends off peel halves. Thinly slice remaining rind of at least 4 oranges (optionally add rind from 1 lemon/lime) to make about 100g. Place in pan with juice.

4) First cooking
Add 500ml of purified water to pan. Heat on low to moderate heat to boil slowly. Boil gently for about 2 hours or when rind should be soft/transluscent - liquid will reduce so top up with water when required. Remove muslin bag and squeeze out liquid with a spoon and sieve.

5) Sugaring
Weigh liquid mixture and make up to 800g with more water if needed. Return to low heat and add 800g Caster sugar (1:1 ratio). Dissolve sugar on low heat.

6) Second cooking
When sugar is dissolved increase heat for a steady boil - do not stir too much . Scum can be gently removed. Large bubbles should then rise up and cover the top of the mixture with frothing bubbles (foam may rise several times so avoid overflow). No need to stir at this stage. Boil for about ten to fifteen minutes and test setting with cold plate (or temp 106°C if you have a thermometer). Also, drips off spoon should solidify slightly.

7) Potting
If setting, then take off heat to cool for 15 minutes and spoon into about 4 400g sterilised jars (jars and lids previously boiled in a large pot to sterilise).