… axiomating?

water of life

foam on long forgotten mud
coordinated and complex
stable molecular companions aligned
held in space
meshing electron clouds
multiplying shapes
matter combining
energy balanced
in slow progress
shaping another
aeon after aeon
sticky globules
in space and time
become alive

how from this to us?
just one spark?
just one twin?
made slime become alive?

tracing back
the flow of life
coding, combining, refining
defining, organising,

microscopic still
in quantum worlds
long strings surrounded,
bounded threads
their blindness
no eye no ear no nose no tongue no body
no mind
interacting energy flows
bonding, un-bonding
unfathomable beauty formed
microcosmic śūnyatā

how from this to us?
to consciousness

up down
front back
day night
energy gradient
oriented in space
light buffeted cells
patterns morph and survive or not
internal forms senses make
electrons and photons
dance with external touch
patterned life

microscopic me
an individual yet
become giant colony
no sharp vision
boundaries blurred
passed on, passing on
ancient histories
patterns formed
with useful senses
we navigate the world
with dusty eyes
and senses scaled
we hardly recognise
this one, forever home

all intertwined
matter alive or not
relatives one and all
from whence to whence
at light speed
on the crest of a wave
forever now

in an energy field,
particle waves
flooding oceans
of timeless time,
seen but unseen
formless forms
a live being

a live being
only dimly seeing
memories of patterns past
in its own last threaded life
thence to join another