Astronomical designation: Delta Leonis



Zosma belongs to the constellation of Leo; its name is a transliteration of a Greek word used sometimes instead of zona, which means ‘girdle’. The word zona was also related by the Greeks to the womb, so immediately we can be on the alert here for patriarchal demonizing of the feminine, especially women’s fertility and blood mysteries. Long ago in Babylon, Zosma (with Coxa, the next star in this chapter) was part of a pattern called Ilu-Kua, ‘Oracle God’, indicating energies to do with occult mysteries and prophecy.


The star texts suggest Zosma is a star of emotional turbulence, illness and general misfortune. This sort of stark reading is not helpful to us nowadays, and I felt its interpretation required an overhaul. More deeply, Zosma is one of the truly spiritual stars, associated in ancient times with psychic ability and interpreting oracles. Here is the enduring resonance of mysterious Babylonian Ilu-Kua, the god oracle or oracle god. This spiritual quality may account for many of the traditional difficulties with Zosma, as there are so many challenges with the high spiritual path. These challenges link Zosma with the ‘melancholic humour’, which means it resonates with sadness and fear. The great challenge arises if you feel as though you have no resources for fighting back, so you may as well just give up and give in. Such responses overturn what we usually understand about (and see with) the usual confidence and creative self-assertion of Lion stars. However, I would suggest they are integral to the tremendous soul-making journey of Zosma. The great pitfall with Lion stars is rampant egoism; true spiritual progress involves purifying or purging the primitive ego drives and transforming them into openness to, and oneness with, Divine forces. So there is never any true and lasting spiritual progress without a really tough ego-pummelling ride. Zosma, therefore, is one of the cruel-to-be-kind stars. It doesn’t finally give you any choice about surrendering primitive egoism, and that involves a lot of pain until you understand what is going on and start cooperating. It means getting rid of a lot of primitive fear patterns, too, which feed the ego as much as false pride or other yang energetic poisons. But another deep spiritual truth is that the fear phantoms we grapple with are just that, phantoms testing our inner poise and strength. They are shadow projections which can be annihilated as though they never existed. As you purge your soul poisons and purify your ego, you move closer and closer to resonance with Divine, evolutionary forces. Then you can unleash the Lion-born creativity which is your birthright. The final redeeming consideration, if you refuse to do anything about your ego (for a while, for as long as you can get away with it), is that Zosma’s dark moods can be softened or shifted by Al Wazn. This bright star brings light and movement into the stagnant gloom here – or is it really the incense smoke of the ancient mysteries, assuming shadowy forms as a spiritual test? With light and movement comes insight and inner change, the healing catalyst for transformation. Ilu-Kua has spoken.


Amelia Earhart’s active Mars and free-ranging Jupiter both aligned more closely with Zosma than Al Wazn, but clearly there was plenty of ‘wind in her sails’ when she took to the air and showed a woman could be as good a pilot as any man, and gave full expression to her own Lion creativity in the process. Author William Golding (most famous for the cathartic but bleak Lord of the Flies) had Mercury aligned; and jazz musician Count Basie had a creative Venus link, intensified by sparkling Astraea. The oracular energies found expression via the Apollo of occultist Alice Bailey. Intuitively aware artist Marc Chagall had sensitive soul asteroid Psyche aligned, as did Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. The healing-transformation theme of Zosma found strong expression in the works of Hawayo Takata, who first brought Reiki to the west, with Mars here.

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