Wega (Vega)

Astronomical designation: Alpha Lyrae



Wega is a gloriously brilliant star visually, and has mostly glorious meanings, too. It is the chief star of Lyra, the Lyre of Orpheus, and is associated with the idea of harmony and perfection, music both celestial and terrestrial, artistic gifts, popularity and general good fortune. Babylonian and Indian sources give old associations of Lyra (and Wega) with the figure of a Vulture, and a link has also been made between Wega and the Egyptian goddess of perfect truth and justice, Maat. However, as a visual image the vulture goddess was Nekhbet, tutelary deity of Upper Egypt. The actual name Wega comes from the Arabic form al-Nasr al-waki, ‘the falling eagle’.


By tradition, Wega is a very fortunate star, manifesting many soft delightful positives – harmony, beauty, artistic talents, a kindly nature – but also, sometimes, a few soft negatives – various excesses including food and sex. Unskilfully a star of selfish self-indulgence, it is skilfully the star of very creative people, who often succeed in artistic callings. Its ancient association with the goddess of truth and justice, Maat, also gives it an eye for detail and balance, so those born under Wega can make very dedicated investigators and analysts. The fundamental principle here is harmony and balance: both the harmony of the balanced scales of Maat, and the harmony of a balanced musical composition or well tuned instrument. It is important to keep an even approach with this star. ‘Nothing in excess,’ that pointed aphorism of the ancient Greeks, is a useful thought for meditation here. It’s all about cultivating good taste, good conduct and refinement on all levels, and the rewards which flow from achieving such excellence. Wega is, in fact, one of the brightest and most beautiful stars in the heavens. In this way it calls us all to remember both the permanence of the beautiful in all forms, and its expression of the deeper harmony of the divine. With Wega, you have been given a little gift by the gods. You can skip through life taking it for granted, but if you make a little effort this star will bring many rewards.


On both worldly and other-worldly levels in expression, Walt Disney had lucky, expansive Jupiter and built-to-last Saturn with Wega – creative success with art, animation, story-telling, entertainment, films, theme parks – an enduring artistic and business legacy as well. Lewis Carroll had a link with Mercury (writing, word play) and created a unique verbal world when he sent Alice into Wonderland. Code-breaker with genius Alan Turing had Urania (taking exact measures and getting things just right); while gifted mathematician Emilie du Châtelet had equalizing Harmonia here. When the Wright Brothers achieved the first sustained aircraft flight in 1903, Icarus, the asteroid of flight, was with glory-bringing Wega. Mary Godwin Shelley had Hekate aligned, symbolizing the power of hidden forces and midnight mysteries, so resonant with Dr Frankenstein and his sad creature.

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