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A three card spread can help you find personal insights into a question or situation. The choice of how to view the cards is yours and will depend on the type of question you have.

Traditional approaches to three card spreads are that cards in different places relate to aspects of yourself, a situation, or a relationship. For example:

You: 1 past, 2 present, 3 future or 1 mind, 2 body, 3 spirit.

Your situation: 1 situation, 2 challenge, 3 guidance.

Your relationships: 1 yourself, 2 other party, 3 relationship between the two.

Remember, the signs and symbols will open your mind to help inspire insights, a new path, or a strategy.

Note your cards' numbers and click below to see their meanings

This work is Copyrighted: © Kidston, Roderick 2016. Text extracts are from The Magic of the Stars: How the Stars of Astrology Enrich Your Life. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Link to book on Amazon. Note the book does not contain the otherwise unpublished card deck artworks.