Astronomical designation: Beta Aquarii



Sadalsuud is the second star of the constellation Aquarius, marking the left shoulder of the Water-Pourer. The strange name is a contraction of an Arabic title meaning ‘Luckiest of the Lucky’. You should not take this name too literally – it is a little like the way the ancient Greeks called the fearful Furies ‘The Kindly Ones’, to placate them with flattery.


Sadalsuud has a somewhat capricious influence, a little like the Roman goddess of Fate, Fortuna. Sometimes her wheel turned to bestow good fortune, and sometimes it didn’t. You don’t like this? Too bad; tell someone who cares. Fortuna’s wheel keeps turning, Sadalsuud’s light keeps streaming, and both are indifferent to the lives of mere mortals. Sadalsuud’s position on the ecliptic is only seventeen minutes past Kitalpha and is even closer to that of Deneb Algedi (eight minutes), so there is overlapping influence here. But overall, Sadalsuud seems to be much more resonant with Deneb Algedi. Both of these stars are about change. Deneb Algedi has an earthy materialism which is more about changes of worldly fortune, whereas airy Sadalsuud is more about the consequences of changes of mind and the actions which follow on from it. This can mean impacts on career or job or money issues, and in many cases there are concerns about how resources are used and shared. Many politically progressive people are born under the rays of Sadalsuud. Perhaps the other main theme with Sadalsuud is the way this star stimulates a high level of individualism; it is also associated with radicalism and innovation. With Sadalsuud, life could feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride at times. When the luck is with you there will be more thrills than spills, but to some degree your luck can be of your own creation: what you think about and how you think about it, and especially how you feel about it, can manifest all kinds of subtle changes for you. Sadalsuud takes you into Law of Attraction territory, and the importance of how energies resonate. But it is also important that you don’t cling too hard or too long to the status quo. The wheel of life is always turning, turning.


There were exact or near exact links of intellectually sparkling Astraea for joyful poet Walt Whitman, cutting-edge scientist John Lilly (experiments with dolphin communication) and high-minded philosopher Immanuel Kant, who created such significant change in the world of eighteenth century ideas cultural historians now refer to a Kantian knowledge revolution. Pioneering science fiction writer and dedicated socialist H.G. Wells had the Moon aligned here as well as with Kitalpha (and a touch of Beta Gruis); while brilliantly inspired and prolific inventor Nikola Tesla had asteroid Diana (doing your own thing, keeping to yourself). Poet Kahlil Gibran had powerful, dramatic Juno here. The photographer Ansel Adams had a precise Venus link, and produced beautiful images which combined both sublime artistry and technique. Going back much further in time, one of the better ancient Roman emperors, Hadrian, had Jupiter to Sadalsuud, and brought a lively intelligence and deep cultural sensitivity to his military and political duties.

This work is Copyrighted: © Kidston, Roderick 2016. Text extracts are from The Magic of the Stars: How the Stars of Astrology Enrich Your Life. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Link to book on Amazon. Note the book does not contain the otherwise unpublished card deck artworks.