Astronomical designation: Alpha Canis Minoris



Another martial star is Procyon, the chief star of Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog. The name is a Latinized version of the Greek word prokuon, meaning ‘before the dog’, because Procyon rose in the sky before Sirius, the great Dog Star.


Procyon seems to be a star of heat and fire. It stimulates a restless, questing quality which manifests as some sort of chase, whether the simple chase of a hunter after quarry, a warrior stalking victory, or the deeper spiritual search for meaning. Its enormous energy can express itself skilfully as courage, daring and a thrilling executive capacity, or unskilfully as over-estimation, carelessness, rashness and aggression. Those who can harness the drives of this star with a modicum of discipline and strategy can go very far with it. Those who allow their emotions to run riot – especially in anger – can lose out big time. Like so many of the power stars, it’s all a matter of how you handle the energy. Procyon is a star which is likely to take you places. Whether those places are high or low will depend on how you respond to, and use, its laser-like force. To make the most of this star, you need to get organized, get focused, know what you can reasonably do, get any extra help or training you need, and then go all out for it. Procyon will reward you if you hold strong and true, and have tried hard enough. Though to paraphrase Yoda in the Star Wars films, you either do things or you do not (there is no try); and you need to keep on doing them until you get them right. With Procyon, you have all the drive, persistence and encouragement you need to keep on doing until the work is done, and done superbly well.


A conspicuous quality with Procyon is leadership. Nelson Mandela had the Sun aligned – enough said. In medical science, Alexander Fleming led the discovery of penicillin; he had Hygiea and Mercury here. Innovative leader in education Maria Montessori had a triple Mars, Pallas and Uranus link. A woman who rose from poverty and obscurity to palaeontology fame was Mary Anning, pioneer fossil collector, who had Saturn (very old things, anything made of stone) with Procyon. Iris links have a way of revealing not only communication skills but deep truths: with Procyon we have a diverse trio in painter J.M.W. Turner (whose innovative use of light and colour prefigured the Impressionists), author L. Frank Baum (who led children, and the child in adults, into extraordinary new worlds of the imagination), and psychic astrologer W.D. Gann, whose ability to predict the direction of the financial markets remains unparalleled. Yang communication planet Mercury was with Procyon when the Magna Carta was signed and sealed, leading the way for new ideas and practices in the use of political power.

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