Astronomical designation: Beta Andromedae



Mirach is one of Andromeda’s stars and marks her girdle, which is called al-Mizar in Arabic. This star connects with the happy ending of the Andromeda story, where the chained Princess is released and saved from death by Perseus, who takes her away to heaven and marries her.


People with Mirach do seem to have an abiding interest in building solid relationships, but these are not always and only about marriage. Any kind of relationship is about the joining of forces or energies, so that the combination of the two (or more) people creates a strength which is ultimately greater than the sum of the individual parts. Mirach is also a very helpful star for any kind of creative activity, assisting you to make the most of your talents. What matters here is that you should love what you do, because love is finally the central value with this star. It is love which motivates the Mirach desire to associate and build enduring relationships, and love which holds them together. With Mirach, you really can learn valuable lessons about how love changes everything. As long as there is integrity and sincerity here, those virtues rescue anything negative, and all goes well. If Mirach is one of your stars, you seek and offer freedom, but you are always seeking strong good connections, too. It’s about balancing the need for closeness and the need for space, and getting that equipoise as right as you can. Mirach has a soft, deft touch, but it isn’t weak. It is very strong, and those born under it learn to be strong too. They just don’t make a song and dance of it. Real strength is gentle and protective, not overpowering and bullying. With Mirach you learn how to live and let live, and love and let love.


The idea of Mirach energy as a meeting ground found interesting expression in the work of Renaissance architect and polymath Leone Battista Alberti, whose text Della Pittura (‘On Painting’) was the first major written work on composition and perspective in art. Alberti had a very close alignment of Urania with Mirach. Urania stands for making exact measurements and can show mathematical gifts; Alberti stated mathematics were the meeting ground of the arts and sciences. The caring, creative side of Mirach found a holistic expression in the varied writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, leader of the Transcendentalist circle of philosophers and writers in the USA during the mid-nineteenth century. He had Venus aligned with Mirach, speaking to, and for, social harmony and inclusion. One of the heroines who saved Jewish children from the Nazi holocaust, Irena Sendler, had Amor (the asteroid of Love personified) aligned here. The ability to relate to a large audience was abundantly manifest in the work of Georges Rémi, better known as Hergé, who had arty Venus aligned and whose cartoon boy-hero Tintin continues to delight people across languages and cultures. Occultist and creative change agent Rudolf Steiner, who built an enduring network of people committed to his vision of Anthroposophy, had innovating Pallas here. British economist Barbara Ward, an early advocate for sustainable development who urged the sharing of wealth and co-wrote (with René Dubos) Only One Earth: the Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet, had Midas with Mirach, symbolizing the importance of making wise choices about wealth and resource management in the service of holistic connections.

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