Astronomical designation: Delta Crateris



The first star of this sacred trio to appear on the ecliptic is Labrum. The name means ‘tub’ in Latin, another spin on Crater, the Cup. Robson’s epithet of ‘The Holy Grail’ is indeed a useful pointer to the deep meaning to be found with this star. The Grail myths hint at mysteries and eternal truths beyond mundane existence, and Labrum too seems to have something of the exalted vision quest about it.


Aspiration, ambition and determination are amongst the gifts of Labrum, which wisely channelled can lead to achievement and honour in the world. This star favours creative endeavours, aids intelligence, and has a purifying quality as its epithet suggests. The quest for the Holy Grail was almost impossibly testing, and only those true pure heroes who had eliminated the base elements of their human nature could attain it. In medieval Christian myth, the Grail was the holiest of all relics, a cup in which Joseph of Arimathea was supposed to have caught the blood of Jesus the Christ during his torture on the cross. No such thing ever existed as far as anyone knows, yet many knightly ideals and tales were inspired by it. The great archetypal imagery of the Grail quest is quite a burden for a supposedly minor star like Labrum. Most people undertake nothing remotely like this challenge in ‘real’ life, but the spirit of idealism, or more simply a love of beauty, is strong here. Labrum may be one of the most subtle stars in the heavens, just as the Holy Grail is amongst the most subtle and mysterious of symbols. In a sense, Labrum is the ultimate wish star: it is the object of every search, every desire, and every dream. If this is one of your stars, your whole life has some element of the ultimate hero or vision quest about it. In whatever way you pursue this and prove yourself, your inner and outer growth will be tremendous.


Walt Disney had Juno – personal empowerment and the expression of greatest talents – aligned, and gave the world a vast fantasy landscape of hopes and dreams in Disneyland. In true Juno fashion, he made a lot of money from it, as an astute businessman as well as visionary. Physicist Werner Heisenberg was born on the same day as Walt Disney; he directed the Juno power of his vision quest to penetrating the mysteries of quantum physics, and was the first person to formulate a deeper understanding of how electrons behave in the Uncertainty Principle. On the day he first explained this in a letter to a colleague, the asteroid Flora, which symbolizes what has blooming vitality, was aligned with his natal Juno, and with Labrum. The time had come for the flowering of his scientific search for ultimate meaning. British poet Rupert Brooke – perceived as living up to the chivalric ideal at the start of World War I – had Venus here. William Faulkner, who won a Nobel Prize for Literature (a secular kind of Holy Grail) had his writing planet Mercury with Labrum.

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