Your Oracle Card

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    Your Oracle Card

Thinking about your question, focus on the Oracle card - its imagery, meaning and influences. It will provide a viewpoint on your question that may help clarify a pathway to resolution.

When interpreting the card please click its link below for more details about its meaning and examples of famous people who have been strongly influenced by the star.

The links below present extracts from Roderick Kidston's book: Magic of the Stars. Roderick prepared the deck's artwork himself and chose 48 stars to illustrate the power and influence of fixed stars on everyday life. The text contains reference to asteroids (another of Roderick's specialities); and more information on them can be found, e.g. in the Iris Report @ Cosmic Patterns Software.

The text reproduced here is for study purposes only; and we can only guess at what he may have written specifically for these cards.

Click your Oracle card below to see its meaning.

This work is Copyrighted: © Kidston, Roderick 2016. Text extracts are from The Magic of the Stars: How the Stars of Astrology Enrich Your Life. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Link to book on Amazon. Note the book does not contain the otherwise unpublished card deck artworks.