Astronomical designation: Alpha Arietis



Hamal is the alpha star of the constellation Aries, the Ram, and its name comes from the Arabic word for ‘sheep’. In Classical star lore it represents the sacrificed ram of the Golden Fleece. Hamal is very close on the ecliptic to the next star, Schedir, so the two influences tend to blend or alternate.


Hamal can represent struggle and sacrifice, and it can stir up conflict, but like all Ram stars it works out perfectly well if its strong outgoing yang energies are well managed and directed. The critical issue is around impulse control. When you use your Hamal turbo-charging skilfully, it offers gifts of serious-mindedness and patience, and a willingness to sacrifice things for the greater good. The theme of sacrifice can be troublesome in love and close relationships, of course. Even so, Hamal gives you the strength you need to overcome any of the challenges it poses. There can be a high sense of duty with Hamal, an awareness of having to work hard for other people, rather than focusing only on yourself. Hamal is one of the stars which mean you sometimes encounter the darker side of life. If you react skilfully, you can become a kind of spiritual warrior with this star – like the hero of a mythic quest, such as Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. You learn how to master fear, but above all you learn a great deal about mastering yourself, about being mature and careful and even caring, aware of other people, and willing to give full weight and value to others. Basically, with Hamal, you learn how to get out of your own way. That is a tremendous gift, worth any amount of sacrifice and struggle. When you have burnished this to the highest level, you can discover and express your inner hero or heroine!


An interesting worldly example was the 1265 Parliament in England, which evolved into the House of Commons, the sitting chamber for representatives of ordinary people, not the nobility or the king; this evolutionary event occurred with revolutionary Uranus aligned to Hamal. The spirit of responsibility when exercising power can be seen in another way with US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who had dutiful Saturn aligned and led his country during years of Saturnian anxiety, caution and often sacrifice. Self-help guru Wayne Dyer had a powerful trio of planetary connections, with Saturn (work), Mercury (active communication) and Hekate (magical power) all aligned with Hamal (though Hekate was closer to Adhil, a star discussed little further along here); all of these contributed to his message of finding, activating and realizing the best you can be, manifesting your inner hero or heroine.

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