Astronomical designation: Alpha Piscis Austrini



Fomalhaut is the last of the four Royal Stars of Persia, and ancient marker of the winter solstice there. It is very close to the ecliptic position of Sadalmelik and can be an overshadowing influence. Fomalhaut is the chief star of the constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish – not to be confused with Pisces, the paired Fishes – and its name means ‘fish’s mouth’ in Arabic.


Fomalhaut is a contradictory star, sometimes very helpful but sometimes not so much: when ornery it can play out (and up) as exaggerated emotional responses. It is at its best when expressing altruism and goodwill, and assists people to make truly inspiring achievements. Fomalhaut is one of the most important stars, with a wealth of tradition, but it can be hard to predict accurately. It is supposed to give a profound mind, or at least considerable seriousness of purpose. It tends to work out most constructively when manifesting in spiritual ways; its finely balanced sensitivities don’t always work easily in the material realm. If you were born under Fomalhaut you are probably very cautious and sometimes secretive, and may even have issues with trust. The potential to swing between extremes with Fomalhaut is perhaps the greatest challenge, but it can also be transformed into a gift for reconciling opposites and finding poise. This can be especially significant when looking at the broader social impacts of this star. From a personal point of view, you can ride a rollercoaster, but because you have a dramatic streak you may not always mind, either. Fomalhaut makes you strong enough to come through smiling, and the ultimate gift of this star is deep wisdom. It’s wisdom born of deep and varied experience, of course. You don’t get something for nothing with Fomalhaut, but when you do reap its rewards, you will be justifiably triumphant.


Creative outlets are a great help, and can act as lightning rods for the intensity of this star. J.R.R Tolkien had a Moon link, and the strong emotions galvanized by this synergy found marvellous expression in his magical stories. Gene Roddenberry also had a Moon alignment. Arthur Miller, who explored many intense and compelling themes in his stage plays, had equalizing Harmonia with this often unequal star. Benoit Mandelbrot, the mathematician who advanced the understanding of fractal geometry, had discovery-making Pallas here and was fascinated by what he called ‘the uncontrolled element in life’, a very Fomalhaut preoccupation – intellectually expressed by Pallas. Renaissance figure Pico della Mirandola, whose text On the Dignity of Man was one of the first to advocate for the rights of all humankind rather than the privileged few, had communications planet Mercury aligned. When the 1689 ‘Glorious Revolution’ of Britain replaced arbitrary royal rule with the rule of parliament (representing the people), the civilizing duo of Ceres and Pallas was with Fomalhaut, ushering in an important new social dynamic. Jupiter can have a significant influence on spirituality and religion, and was here when the Vatican II Council opened in 1962. That ushered in a rollercoaster ride for faith. Perhaps the most exalted example of all, avatar of the Divine Mother Mirra Alfassa had both her Sun (identity, life force) and Venus (love, art, beauty) with Fomalhaut, and dealt with many extraordinary spiritual challenges in her evolutionary yoga and in her work of guiding and teaching others.

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