Eltanin - Etamin

Astronomical designation: Gamma Draconis



Another star with a strong purification symbolism is Eltanin, which marks the Head of the Dragon in Draco. The mangled Arabic of the name – it derives from al-Ras al-tinnin, another form of ‘the head of the dragon’ – is also sometimes rendered as Etamin or even morphs into Rastaban. However, this last name properly belongs to the beta star of Draco.


Eltanin is a star which has not been used as much in recent times, but it was very important to the ancient Egyptians. The older astrologers associated it with danger and poison, and there does seem to be a theme of contamination as one of the unskilful potentials. On the other hand, it can be a positive star for cleansing and purification, transforming or eliminating whatever is polluting and giving space for something new and better. The power of the mind is significant with Eltanin. As with all the mighty stars, there are risks of excess with Eltanin, but this can also be transformed into a love of the dramatic, the vivid and the dazzling. Dramatic self-presentation may be in that mix, too. Managing the high octane energy of Eltanin can be challenging. Having the right attitude is very important with this star. You need to use your head, like the Head of the Dragon whose star this is, to think carefully about what you want to make happen, and look for ways which will help you, sometimes almost magically, to manifest your desires. You need to get rid of any unskilful thoughts or aims, so that its highest potential of purification can be achieved. There is something which can feel a little stern and fateful about Eltanin: as you sow, so shall you reap. This is one of the stars where laws of cause and effect, and even the Law of Attraction, work untrammelled. But as long as you are working with the right intention and action, Eltanin is a force for magnificent creation.


There is tremendous creativity with this star, and sometimes startling originality. Artist Georges Seurat, one of the two pioneers of the exacting pointillist technique (and its greatest exponent), had Venus here. Leo Buscaglia, ‘Doctor Love’, had truth-telling, intuitive Iris with Eltanin, and captured the imagination and hearts of thousands with his magical writings on the power of love to transform and heal lives. The magic of the first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903 is partly explained by the alignment of technologically innovating Uranus with magical Eltanin. Sputnik 1 was launched with free-flying Bacchus here. Amongst dramatic, dazzling performers, we can find Edith Piaf with the Sun aligned, and Christopher Lee, the greatest of the Hammer Horror vampire actors, with the midnight magic of Hekate linked to the dragon magic of this star. Flying higher to exalt the spirit, great teacher Swami Vivekananda had teaching, nurturing Ceres here. Here are two special examples of how the influence of Eltanin can overlap with that of the next stellar object, Acumen. Jane Austen was a major influence on the development of the modern novel form and her Sun aligned closely with Eltanin. Austen’s writings are witty and sharp, full of wise and wry observations of the world and all the life and varied personalities in it. Another witty, brilliant writer (and academic) was Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll the creator of the strangely incongruous Wonderland entered down a rabbit hole, or through a looking glass. He had warrior planet Mars almost exact with Eltanin, which finds deliriously clever expression in the domineering Red Queen (Mars is the red planet) and her wacky tyranny. Croquet with flamingo mallets, anyone? And then there’s that most oddly terrible yet insubstantial of Mars monsters, Jabberwocky, so easily slain with a vorpal sword…

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