Astronomical designation: Alpha Ursae Majoris



Dubhe is the chief star of Ursa Major, the Greater She-Bear. All of the stars of Ursa Major relate in varying measures to the deep primal archetype of the Great Mother Bear, and as such carry potentials for both creation and destruction. Dubhe’s name comes from the Arabic word Dubb, which means ‘bear’.


Dubhe does seem to symbolize a great She-Bear in all her modes and capacities, from loving, protective and nurturing to a predator on the hunt, even sometimes violently raging. So the challenge for a mere human being working with this star is to manifest the skilful qualities. Yet even the difficult aspects are capable of transformation, creating great strength of character and worth in the process. Dubhe seems to embody the primordial force of Life, in all its energetic variety. It can bestow an aloof self-containment and quietly steely intellectual strength, which seems more in keeping with the Native American traditions around the bear: most First Nations people saw it as a symbol of introspection as well as strength. Essentially, Dubhe is a symbol of power, specifically the power of the force of Life itself, which is a very great power indeed. It reminds us that all living things are a wonder of creation, and all things kill in order to feed and live, but they also must accept their turn shall come to die, becoming either food for another living creature, or food for Mother Earth when the dead body dissolves into its elemental constituents. With Dubhe, you have great vitality, a remarkable ability to make something new, and gifts for protection and nurture. This is also a star for genuine self-confidence, based on introspective reflection, the effort to hone your talents and deep self-understanding – which in turn lead to true empowerment.


The holistic understanding of Dubhe is both earthily organic and spiritually cosmic; elements of it can be found in the intuitive Iris of integral philosopher Henri Bergson, and in the evolutionary avataric mission of Sri Aurobindo, born with both Jupiter and asteroid Abundantia aligned. Polish resistance heroine Irena Sendler, with brave Gilgamesh here, protected many Jewish children from the Nazis, stood firm against torture and persecution, and gave a splendid example of Greater She-Bear shakti overall. The first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848 had healing, catalytic Hygiea with Dubhe. Abraham Maslow had desire-driven asteroid Cupido aligned, and worked out an elaborate hierarchy of needs to explain what people want and why at different points in their evolutionary journey of Life. Looking at Greater She-Bear shakti for creative folk, we can find Iris links with very different yet vividly engaging poets Robert Browning and Edward Lear, and a Mercury alignment for vibrant designer Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko.

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