Astronomical designation: Difda – Beta Ceti; Omega Piscium



Difda, otherwise known as Deneb Kaitos, is the brightest star or lucida of the constellation Cetus, the Sea Monster. The name ‘Deneb Kaitos’ means ‘tail of Cetus’ whilst Difda connects to an older sky image involving frogs. The ecliptic projected position of Difda is almost identical to that of Omega Piscium, one of the stars of Pisces the (Twin) Fishes, situated only seconds ahead. However, Omega Piscium has never attracted any close astrological attention and it would be almost impossible to tease out its influence from that of the stronger Sea Monster star except by paran. Difda effectively dominates this point on the ecliptic band, and speaks for both stars here.


Difda puts limits in your way in order to test your mettle; such tests often involve challenges around the use and abuse of power. There can even be victim-victimizer patterns with this star, but if you will do the necessary transformative work on your emotions, you can meet these challenges head-on. It often seems as though the darker stars of the cosmos present in some ways as angels disguised as devils. With Difda you are being challenged to respond skilfully to situations where you are so perplexed or even afraid you feel initially paralysed. But when you learn to focus, bring yourself into the present, and detach, you develop the ability to face the dark, and defeat the monsters that life throws at you. With Difda you are not doomed by capricious fate. Many teachers, spiritual and worldly, offer tools to help you work through the issues which this star raises, and they do this with deep knowledge of their own fears and false thoughts. If you work with gentle emotionally cleansing therapies, and with mindfulness practices, these tools will help to bring you into the present. Then you can shrink your phantom demons into little cartoon critters which you can laugh out into the void from whence they came. With Difda, you find the power to overcome some of the most primal promptings of fear, and this is a tremendous spiritual victory. If this is one of your stars, you have nothing to fear but fear itself, as the saying goes, and when you master this, you become a guide in turn to others. From the point of view of reading the stars via the ecliptic, I have wondered if some of the issues traditionally ascribed to Difda have any connection with its almost exact alignment with Omega Piscium. Metaphorically speaking, a Fish star is lower in the marine food chain than that of any predatory Sea Monster star, and so is notionally available for consumption (or subsumption) by its greater competitor. Again metaphorically, we can read a great struggle for survival here between the stars of the humbler Fish and the mightier Sea Monster. But on a deeper spiritual level, it comes down to bringing these stellar forces into balance and integration, not division and conflict.


One of the best examples was Mahatma Gandhi, who had Chiron with Difda. This symbol of healing-transformation was put to work inspiring a whole nation, and then the world, in the ways of non-violent protest and resistance, conquering the old Raj conquerors. Herman Melville had Saturn with this important Sea Monster star, and achieved his most enduring success with the big, deep story of Moby Dick. In eighteenth century France the passionate writings of playwright, activist, early abolitionist and feminist Olympe de Gouges reached a wide and receptive audience. She had rainbow messenger Iris aligned with Difda, and her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen was published a year before the more famous tract by Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Sri Ramakrishna had Venus here, and taught his followers a path of devotion to the Divine Mother as the way towards the Light.

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