Astronomical designation: Alpha Aquilae



This is the alpha star of the constellation Aquila, the Eagle, and its name comes from the Arabic al-Nasr al-tair, which means ‘the flying eagle’, so the association of the stars of this part of the sky with the mightiest of birds is cross-cultural. Classical astrologers related Altair specifically to the Eagle of Jove (Jupiter or Zeus), symbol of the king of the gods.


Altair is traditionally a very powerful star, and mostly a fortunate one. There is an ardent, shining martial quality here, something strong and proud and longing for conquest and glory. Altair has an association with military achievements, but can also bestow executive capacity in many other areas of life. Those born under Altair have huge ambition, and the confidence to match, which sometimes exaggerates into foolhardiness. So this is another of the stars which requires some caution. Altair is high dominance and plays to win, and rule. Most of the time it will grant you your prize, but you have to be willing to accept occasional defeats or delays along the way. Patience is one of the lessons of the Eagle stars. Altair shows up often in the horoscopes of successful Americans, like Tarazed and several other Eagle stars. The USA is the country of ‘can-do’, very much an Altair attitude. Not for nothing is the eagle the national bird of the USA. Altair is a fearless star and a vigorously proactive one. If you have this star you are innately brave, even daring. You love a good adrenalin rush, and there isn’t much you aren’t willing to try. With Altair, you long to fly high, but above all you must fly free. No fear, no boundaries, and no rules unless you have made them – these are guiding principles for your generously imagined life. The sky itself is no limit for you, or your dreams. They soar as far and high as your wings can take you.


Byzantine Princess Anna Komnene, considered the first female historian, who wrote The Alexiad to commemorate the life, work and reign of her father Emperor Alexios I, had generous and sometimes scholarly Jupiter aligned with this mighty eagle star; the eagle was a symbol of the Byzantine rulers, as heirs of Rome. Napoleon I Bonaparte, who revived the symbolism of the Roman imperial eagle on his own unstoppable rise to the top, had the Moon with Altair. Charles Dickens had a link to passionate Eros, imbuing everything he wrote with deep, fierce feeling. Christian Dior soared to the heights of the fashion world when he conquered the scene with his ‘New Look’ in 1947; Dior had the creative Sun and Chiron (taking things to a better and higher level) here. At the time the World-Wide Web was made accessible to everyone, Saturn, planet of structure, solid foundations and endurance was linked with Altair, providing a powerful grounding for something which looks set to be an enduring presence in everyone’s life for a long time yet. Mystic and guru Baba Muktananda also flew beyond the earth, in spirit, and had the destiny point of his horoscope aligned with the alpha Eagle star.

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