Astronomical designation: Alpha Hydrae



Alphard is the alpha star of the constellation Hydra, the diabolically toxic water-serpent of Greek myth. The name Alphard derives from al-Fard al-shuja, ‘the solitary [one] of the snake’. It has also been called cor Hydrae or ‘Hydra’s Heart’, and a dark, angrily sorrowing and dangerous heart it has ever been regarded. But perhaps it is time to reconsider and update such ideas.


When we cut through the anxious old readings of Alphard, we can relate this star to emotional patterns which have not been integrated benignly. This can create ‘poison’ on many levels, especially poisoned relationships, and its spasms of aggressiveness can contribute to victimizer-victim power plays. For those with a more skilful approach, Alphard gives a profound insight into human nature and a wide understanding, hard-won by overcoming any difficulties or sorrows which arise. It can also promote artistic gifts and vividly individualistic self-expression. Perhaps the most challenging thing about Alphard is that it can create a sense of isolation. Another old title of this star was ‘The Solitary One’, suggesting lack of support and having to cope all alone. But no one is ever truly alone; even if you feel there is no human help available, do not neglect the power of prayer; this is guardian angel time. It’s also time for a creative outlet: music, art therapy, motor mechanics, baking, gardening, or whatever turns you on. Tools which help release trapped emotions would also be beneficial, especially modalities like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The most important caution with Alphard is never to engage in toxic power plays. In the end the only person who can defeat you with Alphard is you. Don’t let the old ‘inner saboteur’ play its nasty tricks, and remember they are just tricks. When you find the right healing strategies you can transform this star’s challenges into something cathartic and empowering. A good starting point is the Buddhist maxim to ‘do no harm’. From there you can work your way up to the active compassion and simple kindness which purge all poison and heal all wounds.


Margaret Sanger had the Moon exactly aligned (to the minute) with Alphard; she was a nurse, sex educator and early birth control advocate who opened the first birth control clinic in the USA in 1916. This synergy brings up Alphard themes of healing, purging old poisons, and granting empowerment – in this case to women, as the Moon is the primary symbol of women. Unique creative style manifests with a Sun person like Gene Roddenberry, or in the Hekate-Alphard magic of jazz musician Miles Davis. Dwarf planet Ceres has a bearing on all kinds of human relationships including social and political issues and linked with Alphard provides an opportunity to heal deep hurts: this applied in spades to the influence Alex Haley achieved with his historical novel Roots, especially once it was made into the most-watched television series ever. Outward-expressing communications planet Mercury was with Alphard on the day the world gained access to the new World-Wide Web, providing a means for myriad individual communicators to connect with anyone anywhere (the influence of Muhlifain in the wind-filled Sails of Argo is also relevant to this great open movement), but the Web has also given rise to Alphard-style challenges about what kinds of messages people sometimes communicate, and there’s the issue of cyber crime, too. The spiritual side of Alphard can be found in the way great teachers use this energy for healing and transformation: Jiddu Krishnamurti had a link to creatively original Adonis, while Paramahansa Yogananda had the Moon here, and diffused his message to significant numbers of people.

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