Astronomical designation: Delta Corvi



A little over two degrees on from Alchiba is another of the Corvus stars, Algorab. This is arguably the most powerful in influence even if it isn’t the alpha star by classification. The name Algorab is derived from the Arabic al-Ghurab, meaning ‘raven’ or ‘crow’, which is self-explanatory in terms of the star figure. Like Alchiba, it was part of the Indian asterism Hasta, where it seems to have had a better reputation than in the astrological tradition further west.


Algorab is not one of the major stars, but it has a nasty reputation for qualities like greed, selfishness, lying, and creating muddles. The more time I spent with Algorab, the more obviously it needed a makeover. The unskilful expressions are possible. But I wonder if the cynical postures of ‘mean’ Algorab are in fact the inversion of what is at other times an idealistic tendency, sometimes a strong one. The muddle-headedness can be the flipside of either clarity or even sharp teasing, like those bizarre images by M.C. Escher, which look fine at a glance, until you examine them properly and see that the perspectives are impossible. He had power-charged, mega talented Juno with Algorab. There is often something very witty (if dry, even black) about Raven stars. Algorab people cast their acute, penetrating eyes at everything around them and can be unnerving when they report back on what they see. The virtues of this star are keen sightedness (on many levels), wit, steadiness, persistence, and at top form, true compassion. There are actually many spiritually oriented people and teachers with this star. But Algorab people can be tough; if this is one of your stars you probably have a low tolerance of fools, and maybe speak your mind too sharply at times for the comfort of those around you. Bring out your softer side, make a few allowances, and you’ll soon start to win friends and influence people.


Physician William Harvey had a Jupiter link to Algorab; Jupiter is traditionally associated with blood and Harvey’s fame rests primarily on his 1628 study of the circulation of human blood, a careful, clear-eyed account of how a system works which brought new clarity into medicine. René Cassin, the lawyer who led the drafting of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, had the Sun here; when the Declaration was proclaimed, truth-telling Iris was aligned with Algorab. Social activist priest Abbé Pierre, who instigated the charitable outpouring of the Uprising of Kindness, was born with Iris linked to Algorab; on the day he used his Iridian powers of persuasion in his radio broadcast, generous, nurturing Ceres was aligned. There’s a lot of passion beneath Algorab’s serious, black-garbed austerity. John Milton had Amphitrite aligned, symbol of floods of inspiration and feeling. Passionate, compassionate author George Eliot had Amor here, while resolute fighter for right action, Nelson Mandela, had active Mars. Composer Aaron Copland, whose music soared even while it remained accessible, had an artistic Venus alignment. Reiki teacher Hawayo Takata also had an illuminating Iris link, while Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn, had Ceres here and certainly tuned in to the bountiful fertility of the Earth. Spiritual teacher of Kriya Yoga and the path to Self-realization, Paramahansa Yogananda, had disciplined Saturn with Algorab.

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