Astronomical designation: Gamma Pegasi



Algenib is one of the stars in Pegasus, the Winged Steed. Its name comes from the Arabic word for ‘side’ or ‘flank’, which it marks on the sky figure.


Algenib is one of the more forceful Pegasus stars. It gives a keen, strong mind but can sometimes stir a quarrelsome tendency. If this is one of your stars, it pays to cultivate tact and discretion in order to stand your ground effectively. The recurring theme is the ability to focus on what you want and to work away tirelessly to achieve your aims. This is where having a strong mind comes in, along with a strong will. But you need to watch out for mental turbulence, which will throw your chances of success because you can’t hold your focus. It is all about believing it – whatever it is – and then following through and doing it. You need to walk your talk here. Algenib is one of the stars which can make you brave. Very often in life, the things we value most are the things for which we have fought the hardest. This star has a way of bringing up issues of gain and loss, and what these mean to you. What are your values? Why do you hold them? How fixed are they? For all that Algenib has its share of the airy intellectual qualities of Pegasus, it prompts you to be very focused on how you manage best in the material world. When your values are sound, your battles worthwhile, and you are willing to fight fairly for the right reasons, Algenib helps to carry you forward to success. Once you have mastered the ways of the spiritual warrior, all will be well.


US President Theodore Roosevelt, a vigorously assertive (even aggressive) man, had a link to Amor and loved to emphasise manly qualities and values. Leo Tolstoy wrote novels which sometimes provoked Tsarist authorities and which had a big lasting impact with change-making Pluto here. A very different story teller was the outwardly timid but intellectually tough Hans Christian Andersen, who was very sure of his abilities as a communicator and writer: he had links to industrious Vesta (exact) and shape-shifting, money-making Midas. Henry Dunant, the organizing force behind the formation of the Red Cross, had a Pluto-Algenib link too, and used his dismay at the carnage of war as a lever to do something transformative on an enduring, collective (Pluto) scale. Friedrich Engels had a Saturn alignment and in his activist association with Karl Marx, poked and prodded at established powers. Psychotherapist Rollo May also had Amor with this active, purposeful star; he was famous for stating that the opposite of love is not hate, but the inertia of apathy. When the first radio broadcast of Superman was made in 1940, it helped to launch a film and television juggernaut; expansive super-everything Jupiter was with Algenib that day, along with asteroid of the primal superhero Gilgamesh for good measure.

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